Apr 10

Outdoor Cycling Bike vs. Spin Bike

When it comes to staying fit millions put their trust in cycling because it is easy, affordable and low in impact. Unlike other exercise formats like running, jogging or lifting weights, cycling is easy on the knees and joints. If you are worried about injuring your knees or joints avoid exercise formats which have a lot of quick jerky motions. Exercises like running put considerable amount of stress on your knees, joints and hips.

Spinning ClassesSometimes, if you are not careful, you may end up with a lifelong injury, reducing your capability to move around freely. Sports related injury takes a long time to heal and may require you to go under the knife at times. Cycling has an advantage over other exercise formats because it is not strenuous. The pedaling action is smooth without any jerks. Because of its non jerky nature, cycling is recommended to those who have any kind of joint or knee problem.

However, cycling is not an easy proposition, especially if you live in the thicker part of the woods. Pollution, congestion on the road is enough to throw any body off their stride. Cycling outdoors is risky too. Everyday thousands get injured because they fail to follow the traffic rules or get involved in a traffic accident due to no fault of theirs. Indoor cycling is much safer compared to outdoor cycling. Here are some points that will help you distinguish between an spin bike and outdoor cycling bike.

Distance Traveled

Spin bikes are not built for traveling. These bikes do not even have a second wheel. The front wheel is shaped like a disc. Outdoor cycle trainers are great for cycling outdoors. It is a great way to get some fresh air and exercise. An experience cyclist can travel 25-30 miles daily on his exercise bike. While exercising on your indoor bike you can travel the same distance without budging from your room. This is because the front wheel is suspended in air. When you pedal the wheel move but the cycle remains stranded.


An Spin bike is a designed for exercising only. It has a big disc shaped front wheel. The disc rotates once you start pedaling. The spin bike does not have a rear wheel. The rear end of the cycle is supported by a metal frame. Spin bikes come with an adjustable handlebar and seat which helps you in finding the most comfortable cycling position. The riding position is similar to that of an outdoor bike.

Riding Condition

Riding an spin bike is safer because you don’t have potholes, and boulders strewn in your way. Indoor cycling gives you the freedom to train in different conditions whether it is wet, sunny or rainy. If it is raining outside and you want to train just take out your spin bike and pedal your way to good health. In winter training outdoors becomes very difficult because of the weather. Luckily you have spin bikes to help you during peak winters.

No interruption training

Training outdoors can be very frustrating because of the interruptions. Whether it is pedestrians coming in your way or the red lights at the next intersection there is no guarantee that you will make full use of your time. Moreover, the start stop nature of outdoor cycling is not something you will appreciate if you are looking for tempo training. Indoor cycling scores over outdoor cycling because you are in total control. You can exercise without having to bother about pedestrians or red lights. This type of exercise is very good for cardiovascular training where you need to work out for several minutes in order to get to that required heart rate.


If you are a hardcore exercise buff there is no way you can ignore the spin bike for long. Unlike outdoor cycling with its nonlinear approach indoor cycling is very linear simply because there are no interruptions, no pedestrians walking in front of your cycle and forcing you to a stop. When you train on an spin bike there is just you and the exercise machine. You can train as long as you want without any interruptions spoiling your tempo.

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